Five new products of BTW successfully passed the national appraisal

On November 1, the national new product appraisal meeting of BTW and Tianwei Qinbian was held in Beijing. Five transformer products developed by the company passed the national new product appraisal. The main technical performance indicators of all products reached the international leading level. Consolidate the company's leading position in the field of domestic transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing. BTW General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Liu Shujuan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager Liu Dongsheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Labor Union Chairman Zhao Yongqiang, Deputy General Manager Zhou Aidong, and Sales Director Zhu Rong attended the appraisal meeting.


This national new product appraisal meeting is sponsored by China Machinery Industry Federation, from the national transformer industry, State Grid Co., Ltd., China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd., China Three Gorges Corporation, China Electric Power Research Institute Co., Ltd., China National Electric 34 industry experts from 19 units including industry associations and related research institutes served as appraisal committees.

Through rigorous review and full discussion, the participating experts agreed that the product appraisal information submitted by BTW and Tianwei Qinbian was complete, correct and unified, and that the new products participating in the appraisal had reasonable structure, small partial discharge, low loss, and low noise. Among them, "ZRDFPZ-480000/500-800 Udonde ±800kV flexible straight engineering transformer" is currently the world's highest voltage level and largest capacity flexible DC transformer, using a new main insulation and longitudinal insulation structure, a new valve A number of core technologies such as side-lead structure and simulation calculation technology of flexible and straight temperature field have filled many technological gaps in the world; "ODFPS-1000000/1000 field-assembled UHV transformer for convenient transportation" is the world's first commercial operation , The highest voltage level, ultra-large capacity on-site assembly transformer, similar products unique in the domestic market, signifies that BTW is fully equipped with the ability to develop UHV transformer products for integrated transportation and disassembly transportation; "ODFPS-1000000/1000 single-phase non-excitation "Voltage-regulating autotransformer" proposed for the first time the overall structure of an UHV transformer that meets the 9th-level seismic fortification, which has the characteristics of strong earthquake resistance. In the end, after research and discussion by the Expert Appraisal Committee, it was agreed that all five new product comprehensive performance indicators reached the international leading level of similar products.

In recent years, BTW has continued to improve its independent innovation capabilities, mastered a series of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and developed a number of major new products that are influential in China’s power equipment manufacturing industry, including UHV AC and DC transmission and Three Gorges The construction of major national power projects such as the West-East Power Transmission Project and the West-East Power Transmission Project have made important contributions and filled many technological gaps in the industry. The successful development of the five major new products identified this time marks a major breakthrough in the manufacturing level of China’s transformers. It also marks that BTW has fully mastered the most cutting-edge technology in the field of UHV transformer research and development, with UHV and extra large capacity. The independent innovation capability of transformers ranks among the world's leading levels.

In the future, BTW will continue to strengthen key technology research and major product research and development, further improve the technological innovation system, steadily improve the level of technological innovation, and make contributions to the construction of major national power projects!



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