Baobian Electric won the bid of CNY 440 millioncontract for the DC back-to-back project of the Central Channel of Greater Bay

Recently, Baobian Electric won the bid for 13 Nos. flexible DC link transformers and associated equipment of the Guangdong Power Grid DC back-to-back Guangzhou project of China Southern Power Grid Corporation (referred to as Greater Bay Area Central Channel DC Back-to-Back Project), with a bid amount of 440 million CNY.

TheCentral Channel project is located in the Development Zone of Zengcheng District, Guangzhou. It adopts 2×1500MW dual-unit back-to-back flexible DC transmission technology to build a back-to-back converter station with a capacity of 3000MVA. This project includes 13 Nos. single-phase two winding oil-immersed water-cooled on-load tapping flexible DC transformers with a capacity of 575MVA (including 1 spare unit), valve-side voltage 300kVandgrid-side voltage525kV, and 4 sets of water cooling systems. The delivery period is July to October 2021.

The Central Channel project is the latest DC transformer supply contract won by Baobian Electric afterYazhong-Nanchang ±800kV UHV DC transmission project, Qinghai-Henan ±800kV UHV DC transmission project, Wudongde Power Station evacuation Guangdong-Guangxi UHV multi-end DC demonstration project and Zhangbei flexible DC grid test demonstration project. The transformer for this project is the first domestic water circulation cooling method using variable frequency air-cooled cooling water tower with water cooler. It has the characteristics of low temperature rise and low noise, which is fully independently designed byBaobian Electric and has independent intellectual property rights. (Wei Wei)



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