BTW's new transformer emergency oil draining equipment passed the national test

Recently, BTW Zhuochuang's new transformer emergency oil draining equipment successfully passed the combustion test of the State Key Laboratory of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation for Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment of the State Grid, and its fire resistance ranks first in the industry. Relevant personnel from State Grid Corporation, State Grid Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Center and various provincial power companies conducted on-site witnesses.


This combustion test is the second test conducted on the basis of the fire resistance test of emergency oil discharge equipment organized by the State Grid last year, which more truly reflects the operational reliability of transformer emergency oil discharge equipment under severe fire conditions, and ensures that in the event of fire and explosion, the fire hazard can be quickly extinguished without spreading to the surrounding equipment, escorting the safe and stable operation of the converter station.

Transformer emergency oil draining equipment is a fire-fighting capability improvement product that the State Grid Corporation of China urgently needs to install when there are multiple fire and explosion accidents in converter stations and UHV stations. Zhuo Chuang Company is keen to seize market opportunities, and with the support and help of the leaders of BTW and relevant departments, actively participate in the preparation, trial production and testing of the technical specifications of the State Grid. Compared with the overall strength of the same industry, it fully give full play to endogenous power, effectively uses external social resources, and leads industry development in one fell swoop.

The product quality and on-site installation and construction control of Zhuochuang's transformer emergency oil discharge equipment has been fully recognized by State Grid Corporation. After the installation of the converter station, it completed the first demonstration of the Shanxi Changzhi 1000KV UHV AC station transformer emergency oil discharge equipment. The installation of the station will be fully promoted in the later stage of the UHV AC station, and with good performance and technical strength, it will undertake the scientific research project of emergency oil discharge equipment and the first demonstration project of China Southern Power Grid.



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