Baobian Electric won the bid for Turkmenistan adjustable reactor project

News from our newspaper: Recently, good news came from the Central Asian market of Baobian Electric: The company successfully won the bid for the adjustable reactor project of the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan and signed the project contract. The product of this project is a 220 kV three-phase adjustable shunt reactor, and the capacity adjustment range of the reactor is 32 Mvar-160 Mvar.

It is reported that the 220kV three-phase adjustable shunt reactor is an on-load switch-turn-adjustable reactor, which has the advantages of good economy, small area, no second harmonics, etc., and has a broad market prospect. With the increasing number of new energy projects, the requirements for grid regulation capabilities are also increasing. Compared with conventional adjustable reactors, the application of on-load switch turn-adjustable reactors will increase. According to market research, the market prospects for controllable reactors in the United States, Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa are very broad.

The company's successful bid for this project signifies that overseas owners have recognized the company's R&D and manufacturing capabilities. The company will further consolidate its competitive advantage in the field of reactors and lay a solid foundation for the continuous development of markets along the “Belt and Road”.



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