Baobian Electric Receives Commendation Letter from the Logistics Service Center of China Southern Power Grid EHV Company

On November 3, the logistics service center of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. EHV Transmission Company sent a letter of commendation to Baobian Electric for the high quality service provided by Baobian Electric in the UHV Multi-terminal DC Demonstration Project in Wudongde Power Station, Guangdong and Guangxi. They also express their sincere gratitude for the service and praise the technical service personnel on site.


The letter stated that the UHV multi-terminal DC demonstration project for power transmission from Wudongde Power Station in Guangdong and Guangxi (hereinafter referred to as the "Kunliulong DC Project") and the Yungui Interconnection Project (hereinafter referred to as the Yungui Interconnection Project) are southern regions during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period West-East Power Transmission Project. The construction period of the two major projects is very tight. The sudden epidemic has made it extremely difficult to put the projects into operation on schedule, and the task is very arduous.

The letter pointed out that your company is a supplier of flexible DC transformers and 500kV station transformers for Kunliulong DC Project. In the process of project construction, especially during the prevention and control of the epidemic, with a high degree of political awareness, sense of responsibility, awareness of the overall situation and team awareness, resolutely implement the owner's requirements, careful deployment, careful organization, orderly progress, and complete production in accordance with high quality , Supply and other tasks provide a solid material guarantee for the smooth operation of the project. Here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to your company for attaching great importance and hard work, and to report to the relevant departments and personnel who directly participated in this project and made hard work.

On July 31, the Kunliulong DC project was put into operation in advance. Baobian Electric provided a total of 14 flexible DC transformers with 7 ±400kV and 7 ±800kV at the Longmen Station of the project. Due to its outstanding performance, Baobian Electric was awarded the "Winning Unit" in the key project labor competition of China Southern Power Grid Corporation of "Being a Good Owner and Building a New Era", and Baobian Electric's flexible and straight transformer research team won the title of "Winning Team".

The Longmen Station of Kunliulong DC Project has a heavy workload, heavy tasks, and tight time. The staff assigned by Baobian Electric actively cooperated and worked overtime to complete the on-site installation guidance work with quality and quantity. On-site project team members always put project quality and progress in the first place, with professional technical level, responsible working attitude and good teamwork spirit, completed the technical guidance and equipment debugging cooperation of the Longmen Station of Kunliulong DC Project The work has effectively promoted the high-quality and efficient construction of the project, and has made important contributions to the reliable and stable operation of the Longmen Station flexible DC transformer.



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