Baobian Electric's first batch of Party Building Co-construction Products for Three Gorges Changlongshan passed tests at one time

A few days ago, Baobian Electric and Three Gorges Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.’s party-building products, i.e. the first batch of three 500kV main transformers of the Changlongshan Pumped-storage Power Station of the Three Gorges Corporation, all passed a one-time test.


The 550kV main transformer is one of the core main equipment of the Changlongshan Pumped Storage Power Station of Three Gorges Corporation. It is a joint construction project of Baobian Electric and Three Gorges Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., and Baobian Electric is responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of the equipment And debugging.


In order to ensure the requirements of national key projects, Baobian Electric established the first batch of products as "Party Member", and proposed "zero design problems, zero manufacturing defects, zero installation deviations, zero schedule delays, zero non-stop operations, zero safety accidents, and zero service" the "seven zeros" target requirements, refine the work to each process and each operation detail, and finally ensure that the first batch of products pass the test.


Changlongshan Pumped-storage Power Station is a daily regulated pure pumped-storage power station. It has installed 6 350MW reversible pump-turbine generators with a total installed capacity of 2.1 million kW. The scale is among the largest domestic pumped storage power stations that have been built or are under construction. Third place; the rated water head is as high as 710 meters, second only to Japan's Kazunogawa Pumped Storage Power Station, ranking second in the world and first in China. Baobian Electric successfully won the bid for six 420MVA/500kV generator main transformers in the bidding for the 500kV main transformer of the Changlongshan Pumped Storage Power Station.




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