Baobian Electric successfully completed the production task of "Party Member"transformers for an offshore wind power plant

Recently, the last "Party Member" transformer of the Three Gorges Group Fujian Changle District A offshore wind power project independently developed by Baobian Electric passed all factory tests at one time, and all performance indicators reached the target expectations. This signifies the commitment of Baobian Electric. The production tasks of transformers for 2 sets of Three Gorges Group's Fujian Changle A District Offshore Wind Power Project were successfully concluded.

The "Party Member" offshore wind power transformer is an innovative product. In view of the tight schedule, high difficulty and high requirements of the project, Baobian Electric organizes elite soldiers from design to process, from supply to production, refines the technical plan, analyzes the applicability of tooling equipment and rationally configures new equipment and tooling , At the same time, we adopt independent innovative professional manufacturing technology, increase joint inspection of key nodes, and always put product quality in the first place, so that the quality of the whole process is controllable and traceable, laying a good foundation for the smooth completion of the product.

It is reported that the Three Gorges Fujian Changle Offshore Area A offshore wind power project is a major project for the Three Gorges Group and Fujian to jointly build the world's largest offshore wind power base and a world-class offshore wind power equipment manufacturing industry base, and lay out the entire offshore wind power industry chain. After the project is put into production, the average annual on-grid power will reach 999.42 million kwh.



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