Good news! BTW successfully developed an intelligent dry-type transformer for high-speed rail


Recently, Baoding Tianwei Xinyu Technology Development Co., Ltd. (BTW Xinyu), a subsidiary company of BTW, developed two units 10kV/100kVA intelligent dry-type transformers for the high-speed railway project of China Railway Signal and Communication (Group) Co., Ltd., and the transformers passed all tests at one time.

China Railway Signal and Communication (Group) Co., Ltd. is responsible for the integration of the high-speed rail 10kV intelligent box-type substation, which supplies power to various signals and communication equipments along the high-speed rail, and has broad prospects for promotion. The successful cooperation between BTW Xinyu and China Railway Signal and Communication (Group) Co., Ltd. marks that the new generation of integrated and intelligent dry-type transformers developed by BTW will successfully enter the field of China's high-speed railway projects. Under the national strategy of“Strengthen China by Transportation”, BTW intelligent transformer products will become a new growth point in the future.



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