5 Projects from BTW Awarded International Advanced Level in Evaluation of scientific and technological achievements at provincial level

Baoding Tianwei(in short of BTW) organized an Evaluation Conference of scientific and technological achievements held at BTW, which invited electrical experts to evaluate the 8 scientific and technological achievements declared by BTW and its affiliated units. The 5 projects already reach international advanced level, and are especially for Key Tech-Research of EHV Convert Transformer used in ±1100kV DC Transmission Line . Meanwhile the other 3 projects reach the domestic leading level, and are especially for HV Station Split Transformer with Separate Voltage Regulating Winding.

During the conference, many experts from North China Electric Power University, Hebei University of Technology, Hebei University, Tiangong University, Hebei Electric Power Research Institute of SGCC, Hebei Mechanical Science Research and Design Institute and China Electric Power Research & Institute of SGCC listened to the project reports and reviewed the evaluation data. After the procedures of questioning, proving and defending, all of attendances agreed that such characters of scientific in design were advanced in performance, and in line with the national industrial development direction, had significant social and economic benefits.

Others attendances were from Achievement Transaction Center of Hebei Province Department of Science & Technology, Baoding City Science and Technology Bureau. Mr. Zhang Guanjun, the VP of BTW and others affiliated units managements attended.



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