BTW assists the World's First UHV Ring Network Project Commissioning


Recently, the world's first truly UHV AC ring network, Shandong-Hebei UHV ring network project, was officially put into operation. Since its commissioning, the 10 units of 1000kV reactors independently developed by Baobian Electric are operating in good condition.

The Shandong-Hebei UHV AC ring network project is an important part of the North China UHV grid. Zaozhuang and Heze substations were new built, Weifang, Jinan, and Shijiazhuang substations were expanded, that totally had increased 15,000MVA capacity. BTW supplied 3 units of 1000kV reactors to Heze Station, and 7 units to Zaozhuang Station. These 1000kV reactors all passed the test at one time and were delivered to users in 2018 and the first half of 2019 respectively.

The commissioning of the project has effectively promoted the development and consumption of large-scale clean energy in Northeast, Inner Mongolia and other regions, comprehensively reduced the short-circuit current level of the grid, significantly enhanced the ability of the grid to resist severe faults, facilitated the connection of Zhangbei wind power to the North China grid, and created favorable conditions for the realization of clean energy substitution.



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