The Convert Transformer used in Hainan Convert S/s in UHVDC +/-800kV Qinghai-Henan Transmission Line put into Operation Successfully


Deblocked & Energized! The toally 12 units convert transformer manufactured by BTW used in Pole #1 & 2 in Hainan S/s, Qinghai-Henan UHVDC Transmission Line Project, has been convertdeblocked successfully and put into operation. Till now, the whole transmission line has been energized, with transferring renewable energy from Qingzang Highland to Central-China Area.

UHVDC ±800kV Qinghai-Henan Transmission Line is one in China also of the world mainly build for transferring clear energy, meanwhile it’s a great creation to promote the large-scale development and utilization of new energy through UHV power transmission technology.

Hainan converter station is located at Taratan, Republic County, Hainan State, with an altitude of 2,880 meters. It is currently the highest UHFC converter station in China. It takes a role as a "collector" and "converter" in this clean energy transmission channel. BTW got contract of total 28 units converter transformers for high & low end of Hainan station and 6 units auto transformers for 750 kV AC station. Among them, 7 units high-end converter transformers and 2 units 750kV AC transformers used at Qinghai side of the project have been assembled and tested in Xining Maintenance Base.

To ensure the smooth completion of the commissioning and operation for the project, on-site technicians from BTW and power construction units of State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. carefully organized the full scientific demonstration of the installation, commissioning and operation scheme, organized professionals to carry out simulation exercises for many times to ensure the accuracy of each step.

After the project completion, it will help to further improve the clean energy scale development ability, and delivery to the outside in Qinghai Province. expects can supply electricity to the Central China 40 billion kW, to improve the structure of the national energy, ensure safe and reliable power supply, promote the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, stimulating economic growth, boost the crucial poverty, promote transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry and to solve in Central China power gap, etc., has the very vital significance.



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