The first gas-insulated transformer contracted by Baobian Electric for Shanghai Xujiahui pass tests at one time

A few days ago, Baoding Baoling Transformer Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Baoling Company), a subsidiary of Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric Co., Ltd., manufactured the first 20208M01SQFPZ-50000 thousand for the 110kV/10kV substation and distribution project of Shanghai Xujiahui Hongqiao Road The volt-ampere/110kV gas insulated transformer is qualified in one test, and all test indicators meet the contract requirements.


Xujiahui is located in the southwest of Shanghai's central city and is one of the ten most famous commercial centers in Shanghai. Baobian Electric Baoling Co., Ltd. won all two product manufacturing contracts for the project with its advanced technology and safe and reliable gas insulated transformer technology.

This batch of products is the key product of Baobian Electric Baoling Company in 2020. It is installed in the prosperous section of Shanghai. It has the characteristics of small transformer space, special product structure, and high process requirements. It has very strict requirements on the safety and reliability of power transmission and transformation equipment. .

In order to ensure the high-quality and efficient completion of products, Baobian Electric Baoling Co., Ltd. gives full play to the role of the grassroots party organization in the production process and the pioneering role of party members, deeply promotes the "party building + quality" in-depth integration project, and comprehensively promotes quality “Ten Ones” series of activities.

Before production, the company prepares a quality control plan and conducts on-site supervision of the production of key components, air boxes, structural parts, and bracing. During the production process, the company’s backbone party members give full play to their exemplary and leading role, and strictly control product quality, especially process control. The technology and quality assurance backbone party members of each process prior to production will provide technical information to the operator in advance, and conduct joint inspections after the completion of the process to the best of their ability The product quality is guaranteed to a limited extent, and the product is qualified in one test.

Currently, the second 20208M02 Shanghai Xujiahui project gas insulated transformer of the same specification is being produced in an orderly manner.



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