75MVA 220kV 3ph GIT

75MVA 220kV 3ph GIT

SF6 gas is excellent in insulation property, non-flammability and environmental performance.  It has laid the foundation of its extensive use due to the advantages of non-flammability, insulativity and safety.

Apply to:high-rise building, underground,  space-limited, density populated and highly safety required for fire & explosion proof region

All GITs made by BTW pass the factory and site tests at the first trial, the qualification rate is 100% and the accident rate is zero until now.

Unique GIT manufacture in China for 220kV grade.


63MVA 110kV GIT

50MVA 110kV 3ph GIT 2.jpg

50MVA 110kV 3ph GIT


40MVA 110kV 3ph GIT


40MVA 110kV 3ph GIT


40MVA 110kV 3ph GIT